The Benq Scanwit 2740S and Vista. I got it working!

Running the Benq Scanwit 2740S under Vista

In 2007 I bought a new PC and when I chose the components of my new PC on the site where I bought it, I chose Vista as my operating system. It seemed a good idea at the time. Until I installed my Creative Audigy 4 and my Benq Scanwit 2740S.

There just weren't any Vista drivers for these. Eventually Creative came with very limited drivers, but Benq support told me that there would be no Vista drivers for my Scanwit. Actually it wasn't the scanner that was the problem. It was the Acard SCSI card. In vain I tried the XP drivers on Vista. Ever heared that Vista is protected against faulty drivers, so it won't crash? It certainly can crash. I had to reinstall Vista and all my software completely about two weeks after I did that when I got my PC the first time.

I didn't like the idea to abandon film and slide scanning. And ever since I bought a digital camera, a new slide scanner would be sort of pointless and costly. So it was time to hatch a scheme. If there would be no Vista driver for the SCSI card, how about a different SCSI card? And so I started looking for a suitable SCSI card. I quickly learned that SCSI had several different connector types. After some Googling I knew what to look for: a SCSI card with a DB25 female connector. The Adaptec AVA-2906 is such a card and Vista drivers were available. I bought it second hand.

To make a long story short: I downloaded Adaptec's Vista drivers, installed the Adaptec card, installed the driver with fingers crossed. Vista recognised the AVA-2906. So far so good. Then Vista told that it had found a color filmscanner, but it could not find a driver. Vuescan could not find the scanner.

Next day I tried again. This time I switched the SCSI scanner from SCSI ID 2 to 1. Why? Er, trial and error I'm afraid. I restarted my PC. Again Vista found the color filmscanner, but to my pleasant surprise it had no problem installing it this time. I tried Vuescan and moments later I was able to scan my first negative in about a year. I could not believe my luck.

I'm maybe skipping one thing in the installation process. Because Vista would not install my scanner, I downloaded the old XP driver from Benq once more to see if I had missed some part. I unzipped the driver and noticed the file AecNtReg.exe. Maybe it would adjust my registry so it would recognise my scanner, I thought, but it did nothing. Or did it? I will not try it again, so for now I don't know. Thought I'd mention it.

I've been looking for this Vista solution for a long time. Apparently almost none has had this problem, because searching for "Scanwit 2740S Vista" on Google results only in endless lists of driver sites that always point to the Benq site where there are no Vista drivers.

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